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Virtual Private Webs Empowering Information-Sharing
Epok Edition for Microsoft SharePoint
Epok Federated Access Manager
SharePoint Replication
SharePoint Content and Security Control
Attribute Based Access Control for SharePoint
Epok Integrates with:
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
Microsoft Intelligent Applications Gateway 2007
Microsoft ISA Server 2006
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (x32 and x64)
Microsoft Active Directory
Microsoft SQL Server

Epok’s flagship product is the Epok Edition for Microsoft SharePoint. It securely extends the document management, communication and collaboration capabilities of SharePoint beyond organizational boundaries to improve operations with partners, distributors, suppliers, customers and other external users.

With the Epok software, business managers, better share information throughout their extended business ecosystem, security officers are able to ensure safeguards are in place to meet security and information compliance standards, and IT staff can easily manage extranet users, even as extranets scale to thousands of users accessing multiple SharePoint deployments.

Four concepts are the foundation of Epok’s approach:

Integrated with Microsoft ecosystem. A new layer of security that improves protection of SharePoint sites, with optional integration to the Microsoft ISA server or IAG appliance. More.

Extensible security layer. Expands authentication options and provides a central point for extranet user and group management that span multiple SharePoint deployments. More.

Business context based authorization. Integrates business users and business constructs, such as contracts and regulations, directly into the authorization process. More.

Proactive security and compliance. A multi-faceted approach to make users aware of their information usage obligations is the foundation for compliance success. More.

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