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SharePoint Extranets
Epok Edition for Microsoft SharePoint increases business agility and simplifies SharePoint extranet user provisioning and administration, while improving security and information compliance -- in a product platform that scales from a single farm to multiple enterprises.

The foundation for this breakthrough is an extensible security layer, within a best-practices Microsoft ecosystem, that improves security and compliance by managing user and group authorizations based on business constructs, such as contracts and regulations.

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Access Control for SharePoint 2010
Traditional access to SharePoint is based on a user's identity, typically maintained in Active Directory. However, when the number of SharePoint users grow and the user base extends into partner organizations, managing identities and their access rights becomes increasingly difficult. Also, as SharePoint becomes central to an organization's operations, or when it is used to control key business functions like clinical trials, litigation activities, supply chain management or dealer portals, meeting the access management, security and compliance challenges can be critical to the organization's success.

Epok offers several options for provisioning users into a SharePoint site. Our standard offering allows site administrators to simply invite users via email. It also enables site administrators to name one or more delegated administrators at the partner organization to help manage the users for that partner. Additionally, organizations can advertise the existence of sites and prospective extranet users can simply request access from the site administrator. Finally, in very large collaboration environments, users can be provisioned based on meeting specific attribute rules previously defined by the site administrator.

Attribute-Based Access Control
As these challenges mount, more companies are looking to attribute-based access control (ABAC). ABAC is an alternative to traditional identity-based access control in SharePoint. The key elements of an ABAC solution include user management, content control and compliance support. Using XACML-based policy, user attributes and Epok’s Edition for Microsoft SharePoint organizations can provide precise access control and authorizations for securely extending SharePoint to internal and external users.

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SharePoint Content and Security Control
As large volumes of documents and records are migrated to SharePoint it becomes difficult to manage document permissions using SharePoint’s inheritance method of security. Epok’s system assigns granular permissions based on document metadata – resulting in a more usable, manageable, secure and scalable SharePoint system.

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CAULDRON Topographical Vulnerability Analysis
Applications like SharePoint are only as secure as the network they operate in. CAULDRON provides a breakthrough in vulnerability analysis that visualizes and predicts all possible paths of vulnerability.

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